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Coral Gables Community Foundation launches Key to Giving program

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by Jade Lleonart


The Coral Gables Community Foundation has teamed up with the Himan Brown Charitable Trust on a new matching grant initiative called the Key to Giving program.

“We are excited to work with the Himan Brown Charitable Trust on such a generous and far-reaching initiative. The Key to Giving program will provide a significant value-add to our donors wishing to reach not only the Coral Gables community, but the Greater Miami community as well,” said Mary Snow, Executive Director of the Coral Gables Community Foundation.

The Key to Giving program allows individuals in our community an opportunity to support the greater community by making a charitable gift to seventeen pre-selected nonprofits that are making an impact in Coral Gables and throughout Greater Miami in the areas of youth education, community prosperity, women and children and families in need.

Through the Key to Giving Program, the Coral Gables Community Foundation and the Himan Brown Charitable Trust will commit an initial monetary pool as incentive dollars to match donations received between $200 and $1,000 per donor, made to the participating organizations. For any one gift greater than $1,000, only the first $1,000 will be considered for matching funds.

For more information about the Key to Giving program, visit the website or contact the Foundation at 305.446.9670.

Ponce Society of Young Professionals collect donations for Coral Gables Senior High football team

Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by Jade Lleonart


Held on Thursday, July 30th, the fourth annual Ponce Society of Young Professionals (PSYP) Dress Shirt & Tie Drive was a success! With close to 200 shirts and too many ties to count collected, the Coral Gables Senior High football team will have more than enough clothes to continue on the tradition of dressing up on Game Days. After checking in their shirts and ties, local young professionals stayed for drinks and appetizers at Piripi at the Village of Merrick Park. The PSYP will visit Gables High on Friday, August 14th to present the football team with our community’s generous donations and treat the boys to a pizza party! Visit the PSYP Facebook page for more photos from the Dress Shirt & Tie Drive and check out Coral Gables TV’s story about the event!

It’s time for the PSYP’s annual Dress Shirt & Tie Drive!

Posted on: July 14th, 2015 by Jade Lleonart

Don’t miss the Ponce Society of Young Professionals‘ Dress Shirt & Tie Drive!

The Coral Gables Senior High School Football Team are starting their season soon and need donations so they may participate in the tradition of dressing up on Game Days. Please bring Dress Shirts and Ties (new or used) to Piripi at the Village of Merrick Park on Thursday, July 30th from 6:00-8:00 PM. Entrance to this event is $10 and includes a drink ticket and appetizers! You may purchase advance tickets now.

See you there!

Shirt and Tie 2015 Invite 2

PSYP Member Profile – Carlos Alfonso

Posted on: June 23rd, 2015 by Jade Lleonart

Meet Carlos Alfonso, a dedicated member of the Ponce Society of Young Professionals!

Carlos Profile

Coral Gables Community Foundation holds Merrick Society Reception, awards college scholarships and announces community grant recipients

Posted on: May 15th, 2015 by Jade Lleonart
L-R: Monty Trainer, Aura Reinhardt, Trina Sams, Audrey Ross, John Allen and Marshall Steingold

L-R: Monty Trainer, Aura Reinhardt, Trina Sams, Audrey Ross, John Allen and Marshall Steingold

Coral Gables Community Foundation holds Merrick Society Reception, awards college scholarships and announces community grant recipients

(Coral Gables, FL | May 15, 2015)  A special evening marked the third annual reception for the Coral Gables Community Foundation’s Merrick  Society. Dedicated to continuing city founder George E. Merrick’s vision for Coral Gables, the Merrick Society represents the Foundation’s highest levels of giving, where donors make a three-year commitment of support at the $1,000 level and higher. Friends and supporters gathered at the Bacardi Headquarters in Coral Gables to celebrate the Foundation’s charitable giving, as well as to honor the recent community grant recipients and present scholarships to deserving students.

Foundation Executive Director Mary Snow opened the night’s program by thanking Bacardi for hosting the event in their beautiful space and recognized all those associated with the Foundation, including the Board of Directors and Merrick Society members.

Coral Gables Community Foundation Chairman Carlos F. Garcia spoke about the Foundation’s 24-year history of directing nearly $5 million dollars through charitable contributions in areas such as the arts and culture, education, health, historical preservation and green space. Garcia emphasized the local impact that Merrick Society donors make.

“Our Merrick Society members are such an important part of our giving,” said Garcia. “Their generosity allows us to give back in meaningful ways that add to the footprint of the Foundation and enhance the quality of life in Coral Gables.”

L-R: Bill Bonn, Coco Torre, Venny Torre

L-R: Bill Bonn, Coco Torre, Venny Torre

In the weeks leading up to the reception, the Foundation’s Community Giving Committee met to review grant applications from a number of local non-profit organizations. Five deserving organizations were chosen to receive grants, totaling $23,000 from the Foundation.  John R. Allen, Jr., Chair of the Community Giving Committee, and Garcia announced the following 2015 community grant recipients:

May Van Sickle Dental Clinic:  The May Van Sickle Dental Clinic received an $8,000 grant to purchase a new dental chair for the clinic, which provides critically needed dental care for children of the working poor. The Dental Clinic is volunteer-run and operated out of the Coral Gables Women’s Club. Mayra Dominguez, Dorothy Thomson and Gloria Burns accepted the grant award.

Coral Gables Preparatory Academy: The Foundation’s $5,000 grant award to the Coral Gables Preparatory Academy will support the middle school’s fine arts and performing arts programs and productions. Principal Cheli Cerra received the grant award on behalf of the school.

Children’s Bereavement Center: The Foundation’s $2,500 grant will help fund the Children’s Bereavement Center’s peer support groups for children affected by the loss of loved ones. Children’s Bereavement Center CEO, Mindy Cassel, was in attendance to receive the grant.

Ponce de Leon Middle School: The Foundation presented a $5,000 grant to Ponce de Leon Middle to assist with the school’s beautification efforts in purchasing benches and tables for the school grounds. Principal Martha Chang accepted the school’s grant award.

SCORE Miami-Dade: The Miami-Dade Chapter of SCORE received a $2,500 grant from the Foundation to support its Simple Steps Program, which provides business and financial education information for veterans in the Coral Gables area to enhance their opportunities for employment and sustainability. Orlando Espinso was in attendance to receive the organization’s grant award.

Also during the reception, 12 students received college scholarships from the Foundation and its funds. This year, the Foundation created and presented a new scholarship: The Coral Gables Community Foundation Four-Year Scholarship. This award was created to assist students with critical financial need and will provide each recipient with $2,500 a year for four years toward their college tuition. Through its funds, the Foundation also presented eight scholarship awards, bringing its 2015 scholarship contributions to a grand total of $53,000. Coral Gables Community Foundation Chair-Elect John O’Rourke and Garcia announced the following scholarship recipients at the reception:

Coral Gables Community Foundation Four-Year Scholarship

Allyssa Dobkins, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,500/year for 4 years

Valerie Montesino, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,500/year for 4 years

Juliana Robles, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,500/year for 4 years

Teague Scanlon, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,500/year for 4 years

Kerdyk Family Music Scholarship

Camila Conesa, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart: $2,500

Maria Yow, Coral Gables Senior High: $1,500

Ralph V. Moore Scholarship for Cavalier Excellence

Daniel Regalado, Coral Gables Senior High: $1,000

Lady Suzanna P. Tweed Scholarship

Elliot Kutmus, Coral Gables Senior High: $1,000

Grant & Bridget Daugherty Nursing Scholarship

Sierra Reid, Coral Gables Senior High: $1,000

Culinary Arts Fund Scholarship

Ahylin Carballo, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,000

Ibeth Funes, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,000

Janise Guyot, Coral Gables Senior High: $2,000

“We are so proud to award these 12 talented students with scholarships. Our Merrick Society members’ generosity, our fund holders and all of our efforts throughout the year make this possible,” said Snow.

To view more photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page.


About Coral Gables Community Foundation

Led by community leaders, the Coral Gables Community Foundation provides the philanthropic conduit to connect individuals and corporations looking to positively impact the success of the community. For almost 25 years, The Foundation has been at the forefront of the evolving needs of Coral Gables while effectively bringing together beneficiaries and benefactors to fund programs with the greatest impact and benefit to “The City Beautiful.” For more information, please visit

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