• Our Community Salutes! Recognition Ceremony

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    Our Community Salutes recognition ceremony

    Our Community Salutes recognition ceremony Aura Reinhardt, Raul Mas, Andria Hanley

    Aura Reinhardt, Raul Mas, and Andria Hanley

  • Gables High students crowd 2nd annual College Fair

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    Coral Gables Senior High School hosted its second annual College Fair, featuring over 60 schools, on Thursday, Oct. 11, in the school’s gym.

    Organized by the Parent Teacher Student Association, the fair served as an opportunity for students to speak with representatives from schools from around the country, including Harvard University, Pomona College and the University of Miami, and for recruiters from these colleges and universities to meet the students and discover some of the talents that Gables has to offer.

    The event unofficially began with a welcome breakfast for the college representatives. The school took this as a chance to give the representatives a taste of the school’s flavor. Gables High’s very own culinary arts academy prepared the food; the band played classic Miami salsa and jazz music; the color guard made an appearance; and the choral group Divisi performed the Star-Spangled Banner.

    As the first session of the College Fair began, students handed their tickets to the ushers and began to circulate through the gym, speaking to representatives from a variety of colleges.

    “The College Fair was very helpful and really opens your eyes to universities in Florida you didn’t even know about,” said senior Liliam Cruz.

    With smiles on their faces, students moved from station to station, learning about different colleges and collecting take-home information.

    The College Fair was very well received by the various college representatives. University of Connecticut representative Samantha Simons described the students as being “motivated” and “excited.” Other representatives picked up on the students’ energy, like the Rutgers’ representative Jan Rower, who said the fair was well run and that students were “better prepared than others.”

    Kevin Blair Zimmerman, admissions representative from Penn State, said the fair was one of the strongest events he had attended and that Penn State would return.

    Over 400 students attended the fair, and Liz Stack, the school’s College Assistance Program counselor, said she hoped the students took advantage of the networking opportunity with representatives from schools from around the country.

    Rachel English is a staff writer on the Coral Gables Senior High School student newspaper highlights. 

    Margarita Rentis is a staff photographer on the Coral Gables Senior High School yearbook Cavaleon

  • Gables Foundation presents 2 scholarships on Cavalier Wednesday

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    The Coral Gables Community Foundation was among participants at the annual “Cavalier Wednesday” awards ceremony April 25 at Coral Gables Senior High School.

    Students from all four grades were recognized but the stars of the show were the graduating seniors. Recognized for their academic excellence, outstanding service to school and community as well as artistic, business and spoken word talent, there was much reason to celebrate.

    The Coral Gables Community Foundation, represented by Executive Director Andria Hanley, presented two scholarships at the event:

    The Ralph V. Moore Scholarship is given annually to an outstanding student who embodies the values of longtime Gables High Principal Ralph Moore (1977-1993), who passed away in August 2010. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who demonstrates not only academic excellence but also involvement in extracurricular activities and service to school and community. This award emphasizes the importance of leaving a legacy at Coral Gables Senior High.

    The 2012 winner is Armani Abreu, who has a 6.29 weighted GPA and is in the top 4% of his class. A four-year athlete in swimming and volleyball as well as NHS and IBHS, Armani has also been class president for four years. A consistent leader and doer, Armani holds true to the values Ralph Moore thought were important.

    The Lady Suzanna P. Tweed Scholarship was created to reflect her love for children and her desire to help deserving students continue their education.  Criteria include academic success and demonstrated need; the 2012 winner has a significant amount of both.  This year the funding for this $1,000 scholarship is provided by the Coral Gables Community Foundation on behalf of Lady Tweed, who passed away in 1999 at age 99.

    The 2012 winner is Jieyi Wu, who wants to become a CPA and appreciates all the support she’s receiving along the way. Jieyi helps run the school credit union, has received the Rotary Award, is a key member of the End Polio Now initiative, and stays after school every day to help make the school even better. Jieyi is a lovely young lady sure to be a successful CPA.

  • Scholarship Application Time!

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    Manny Hartman with the Kerdyk Family (2011)

    The Foundation is honored to award scholarship funds to worthy local graduating students at the end of each academic year.

    The deadline for all 4 scholarships is Friday, April 6 by the end of the school day.  Here are the forms and instructions for each:

  • Gables High Fund Raising Dinner

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    Coral Gables Senior High Culinary Arts Program
    Coral Gables Senior High’s Culinary Arts Program is offering a gala fund raising dinner on Wednesday, March 21st.

    At present (Thursday, March 8th), tickets are about halfway sold. This year’s gala is set for Wednesday, March 21st, at 6:30 p.m. at the Ralph Moore Building at Gables High.

    Tickets are $35 each. The gala includes a three-course meal with a special appearance by guest chef Diego Martinez, who graduated from Gables High in 2000, and who works as sous chef at the Palme d’Or Restaurant at the Biltmore.

    Students cook all the courses, the ingredients are provided by Doctors’ Hospital, and the silverware and fine-dining atmosphere are provided by the Biltmore.

    Read the full story at GablesHomePage.com